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Why Digital Transformation Crucial to Business Strategy

Over the last two years, we have seen a large global corporate shift towards digital transformation; every industry has been affected. Well-established companies and new innovators are all making substantial leaps and bounds in information technology (IT), simply to remain relevant. Digital transformation is changing the way businesses embrace IT. If businesses do not adapt […]

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How to Develop a Digital Strategy to Improve Your Business

It is no secret that the digital space is an extremely fast paced environment. Developing a digital strategy that improves your business can be a difficult task. However, it is not insurmountable. To help you develop a winning strategy we have outlined how you, as a business leader, can take control. We provide the framework […]

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11 Ways To Improve Software Quality

How you manage software quality has become a vital element of every stage of project management. Are you continually on the lookout for ways to improve your software quality that is not going to break the bank? Excellent software quality will enable cost effectiveness and superior performance to deliver your projects. Finding ways to implement […]

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7 Ways To Risk-Proof Your Projects

Software development projects are inherently complex and incorporate a degree of uncertainty. Even the most meticulous of plans will encounter issues. Effective risk management processes are necessary to protect the success of every project. Failure to properly manage risk in software projects can compromise the final product, which has significant ramifications on the wider organisation. […]

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TestPoint opens new Tech Center with focus on R&D

TestPoint is expanding its footprint in Sydney, with a new Technology R&D Centre which hosts a dedicated research and development environment to help advance the company’s growing ambitions and most especially its Vansah Technology Platform. The new environment houses latest board rooms, technology and training equipment, with plenty of space to hire local engineers and analysts to […]

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TestPoint will be sponsoring the Australian Digital Hospital Summit 2017

TestPoint announces it will be sponsoring and attending Akolade’s Australian Digital Hospital Summit, 21st – 23rd June 2017 | Swissotel, Sydney. The Digital healthcare transformation is well underway and promising to provide a higher quality of care and ease of access to rich data in support of patient care delivery. The NSW Government recently allocated $400 million to […]

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Another big year exhibiting at CONNECT EXPO 2017

While TestPoint is preparing for another big year exhibiting at the CONNECT EXPO 2017, we would like to reflect on the great time we had in 2016 when our team attended the annual trade and technology conference as an exhibitor. During the summit in Melbourne we had a lot of interest from the delegates wanting […]

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