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The Benefits of Performance Testing

If your software does not perform optimally, you will turn away customers who have become accustomed to speed. Users will simply switch off if they find your software has excessive loading time or is stalling in performance. If you are losing customers then you are losing business, most probably to your competition. Poor performing software […]

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Integrated manual and automated testing

When implemented manually, software can be a laborious and time-consuming process, and is not always effective in identifying certain classes of defects. The benefit of test automation is that these kinds of tests can be performed effectively, quickly and repeatedly. For your business, this is a cost-effective way to ensure your software products have a […]

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Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management is adopting an approach which allows you to measure the end-user experience across your applications, helping you quantify business impacts with a resolution. In this article we will cover two approaches to Application Performance Management. Two approaches: 1) Synthetic (Active Monitoring): Collecting data from dispersed agents which simulate the way real users interact with your […]

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The Importance of Customer Journey Modelling

Successful business leaders understand the need to utilise data effectively and balance that with an appreciation of how their customers interact with their product or service. To accurately profile customers you’ll need to acquire the right mix of data analytics using intelligent technologies. A customer journey map features the path that your potential consumer interacts […]

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TestPoint NSW Corporate Games Team

TestPoint has formed its team for the 2017 NSW Corporate Games event October 6-8, participating in Touch Footy. With our Captain Jamie Morris and Coach Hala Talanoa, together they come with years of experience, are ready to lead the Team to win the finals! TestPoint Barbarians, inspired by players from TestPoint and its Clients, together to […]

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Why Digital Transformation Crucial to Business Strategy

Over the last two years, we have seen a large global corporate shift towards digital transformation; every industry has been affected. Well-established companies and new innovators are all making substantial leaps and bounds in information technology (IT), simply to remain relevant. Digital transformation is changing the way businesses embrace IT. If businesses do not adapt […]

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How to Develop a Digital Strategy to Improve Your Business

It is no secret that the digital space is an extremely fast paced environment. Developing the right digital strategy is paramount but not insurmountable. To help you develop a winning strategy we have outlined how you, as a business leader, can take control. We provide the framework that will make your business more agile with […]

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